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Vegan Defense

Blion Games
4.4 - 4.4.4+
Android Version
2.8(21-01-2023)This is the latest version
(2 Reviews)

Description of Vegan Defense

A funny tower defense game in which a vegan farmer must feed the hungry carnivores with vegan food before they get to eat his animals.

Year 2050, the population is growing and the resources of food and water are insufficient.

The demand for meat continues unabated but the cost of its production is too high and cannot be sustained in terms of water, land and energy required.

Hungry and adverse to change their eating habits, humans scour unscrupulously every corner of the planet in search of the latest resources available.

Aware of the impending food catastrophe, Vegezio is an employee who decided to change lifestyle a few years earlier, becoming a vegan farmer and moving in a valley between the mountains, where he built his vegan happy farm.

Unfortunately, the starving population has reached his farm, and Vegezio is forced to defend it from the attacks of the carnivores, who want to eat his animal friends (which of course he keeps only as a company).

However, Vegezio is a good vegan man and has no intent to kill people; so he decides to feed humans with the vegan products of his farm, with the purpose of both saving his animals, and trying to make people understand that a different food habit is the only possible solution to solve the food shortage.

The game will begin on January 2050, and will end on December 2050. Each month will consist in four levels. Vegezio must be able to withstand attacks feeding the population with vegan food.

The ultimate goal is to change the lifestyle of all the humans on the Earth, in order to awake their consciousness and bring social peace.

With the help of its vegetables and fruit trees,Vegezio must be able to feed the carnivores before they get to eat his animals.

For each level, Vegezio has a limited number of resources available that allow him to place the different plants in the strategic points of the path that leads to the farm.

The last defense is the gate of the farm that however offers a limited resistance: the carnivores will strike trying to bring it down. Once knocked down the gate, the animals will no more have defenses and will be devoured, causing the failure of the level.

The carnivores will arrive in waves with increasing number and frequency. Vegezio must carefully choose the type of plant and its location according to the type of carnivores, based on the path that they follow, and the amount of resources available.

In some levels, Vegezio also has some special weapons available such as the "sheepdog" which with its scary bark is able to paralyze the carnivores for a certain period of time or the "rain" that can temporarily slow down the carnivores on the path.

For each fed carnivore, Vegezio gains new resources that can be used to place new vegetables or to make a "power-up".

Once placed or "powered-up", the plants can also be removed, obtaining a number of resources anyway lower than those used for their placement.

In case of success, the score is calculated considering the carnivores fed, the time spent, the accumulated resources and the gate's residual resistance.

In case of difficulty, Vegezio also has an initial number of diamonds available with which he can buy "addons" to be used within a specific level. The “addons” include raising the satiating power of the plants, the increase of resources, the increase of the number of strokes of the special weapons and the increase of the resistance of the gate. The addons purchased will be only used for the selected level and until his completion. In case the level is abandoned, the power-ups and related diamonds will be lost.

Diamonds can be purchased via in-app purchases.

Vegan Defense - Version 2.8

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2 Reviews
Good App GuaranteedThis app passed the security test for virus, malware and other malicious attacks and doesn't contain any threats.

Vegan Defense - APK Information

APK Version: 2.8Package: com.blion.games.vegezio
Android compatability: 4.4 - 4.4.4+ (KitKat)
Developer:Blion GamesPrivacy Policy:http://bliongames.wordpress.com/privacy-policyPermissions:9
Name: Vegan DefenseSize: 14 MBDownloads: 33.5KVersion : 2.8Release Date: 2023-03-22 18:03:38Min Screen: SMALLSupported CPU:
Package ID: com.blion.games.vegezioSHA1 Signature: E9:6A:D2:C8:F3:08:E9:A3:BD:99:45:55:54:BD:FB:A1:BB:E2:6F:55Developer (CN): Organization (O): Blion GamesLocal (L): Country (C): State/City (ST):

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